Before signing this contract, you should carefully read the following conditions, which contain important information that you should know.

General Data: The entity responsible for offering the summer courses is: Asociación Esencia Danza, domiciled at c./15 n.88, 46182, La Cañada-Valencia and with CIF: G98419336. (VLCENDANZA)
Legal regulation applicable to the contract and acceptance of the General Conditions.The present General Conditions are subject to what is applicable to the R.D.L. 1/2007 of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1998, of April 13, on the General Conditions of Contract, Law 34 / 2002 of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, and the Civil Code. These General Conditions will be incorporated, signed by the contracting parties, to all contracts of the Esencia Danza Association, whose object is the courses contained on the web and the advertising and web e-mails, and oblige the parties, together with the particular conditions that are agreed in the contract. For the purposes of law 1/2007, the participant in the courses, or the legal representative of her act as Consumer or End User.
Enrollment conditions. Requesting enrollment in this course offered by VLCENDANZA, either personally, or through a third person (delegate, family member, friend … etc), even online, does not imply a priori acceptance of the completion of the the courses. Place reservations will be understood as pre-registrations pending final confirmation. For a student to be permanently enrolled, three conditions must be met:
(1)To have accepted and signed this registration form containing the general conditions of the course;
(2) To have paid the amount of the reservation (equivalent a 50% of the course fee, including hosting or any other concept)
(3) To have received a written copy or e-mail of the confirmation and acceptance of the reservation in the course by VLCENDANZA where the reservation is confirmed.
VLCENDANZA reserves the right of admission to the courses. Registrations are personal and non-transferable. VLCENDANZA reserves the right to cancel the registration, if before starting the course, the full price agreed in the acceptance document for this course by VLCENDANZA had not been paid.
The parents or legal guardians of the minor registered in VLCENDANZA guarantee that the data indicated by them in the registration are accurate and in accordance with reality andthey compromise to immediately inform VLCENDANZA in case of modification of the data indicated at the time of registration by sending an e-mail to info@valenciaendanza.com.
Availability of places: The places of the course and the accommodation are limited. The availability of places at the time of registration will be updated in the registration form for the course, in order to inform the applicants.
Cancellation, no-show and / or abandonment of the course by the participant In the event that a participant or their legal representative decides to cancel the contracted course, they must notify VLCENDANZA in writing. If the cancellation is made before june 15th 2022, the participant will have the right to a refund of the amounts paid to VLCENDANZA for the course, with the except for € 450 as management and cancellation fees. If the cancellation occurs before July 1st 2022, the management and cancellation fees charged wil rise to €600. The cancellation of the course less than 7 days before its start or the participant’s non-presentation on the date scheduled for the beginning of the courses, will mean the total loss of the amount paid for it. Accommodation and meals expenses are NON-REFUNDABLE.
The participant will not be entitled to any reimbursement in case of no-show of the participant on the scheduled start date of the contracted course, or when, once they have started it, they abandon it of their own choice (or their parents or legal representatives) , or by reason of expulsion from the course.
These penalties will not apply in case of injury that does not allow him/her to perform physically. This injury must be certified by a medical specialist. 50% of the price of the course will be returned as long as the course has not started.
The different courses proposed in VLCENDANZA are offered as a complete program or a single indivisible package of two weeks (except for the methodology course that lasts one week).
Payment and refund:
All payments shall be made in EURO.
The VLCENDANZA website indicates the amount to be paid for the reservation ( 50% of the course fee, including hosting, lunch menu and transport). This amount will be deducted from the total price of the course. The payment methods are detailed on the VLCENDANZA website.
The payment of the course does not grant participants the right to be part of all the pieces of their level exhibited in the Closing Exhibition. The faculty will notify the selected participants in the show.
The deadline for the full payment of the course is 01/06/2022. As of that date, all reservations made and not formalized will be canceled and the place will be granted to the first person on the waiting list.
Compulsory rules during the development of the courses:
The participant or student agrees to respect the rules regarding schedules, obligation to attend scheduled activities, rules of conduct and coexistence with teachers and classmates; as well as compliance with general regulations such as prohibitions on the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, etc.
All candidates must bring the necessary material to make the most of the classes, and the students will always have their pointe shoes with them for the classes.
The final schedule of the course will be published on the first day of the course, and the organization reserves the right to modify the schedule and teachers at any time in the case of illness or major cause.
Each day the schedule of the day will be displayed with the changes or modifications that may have occurred. Therefore the participant agrees to consult it before entering the classroom.
Participants will not be able to access the classes once they have started.
Civil liability insurance.The organization of the course declines all responsibility for bodily, material damages or against the property by the participants or their legal representatives, nor for possible material damages caused at the at the course venue , including dormitories and anyother of the leisure spaces of the course. In compliance with current legislation, VLCENDANZA has subscribed a Civil Liability Policy and a copy of this policy is available to any interested party. VLCENDANZA is not liable for loss or misplacement of the participant’s belongings that have not been asked to be placed in custody by the organization by an specific request.
Medical insurance, medical consent and state of health: The participant or her legal representative confirms that he does not suffer injuries that could prevent him from optimally completing the course. The participant or student / participants must have personal medical insurance. The organization must be informed in case of any allergies or health problems of the participant, and a medical report authorizing the course must accompany the request of particiation in the course. The participant or their legal representative in the case of a minor (parent or guardian) gives consent to receive emergency medical treatment as appropriate during their participation in VLCENDANZA and in turn authorizes an adult member of the organization to give their consent to the treatment in case of not reaching the legal representative. If the participant must receive scheduled medical treatment, they (or the legal representatives) must given written authorisation to do it, adding details of the dose, maintainance of the medication and a written doctor´s prescription.
Legal authorization for minors. At the time of registration, the authorization document signed by the minor’s legal representative must be delivered: Authorization to participate in all activities and classes provided for in the course, including optional ones that could be organized, and to participate in excursions that take place outside the course premises (in the case of optional excursions, scheduled departures from the center, or emergency exits, authorization of the corresponding displacement). In the case of requesting the transfer service to the airport or station, the parents or legal representatives of the participants expressly authorize:
1. For the participant to travel by public transport.
2. To spend the necessary time in the departure terminal as well as in the arrival terminal until being picked up by their relatives.
3. When traveling from or to the venue of the course.
Explicit authorization to transfer the participant in a private vehicle The parents or legal guardians of the participant authorize their transfer in a private vehicle for emergency use, with the security measures in force.
In accordance with Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the protection of personal data (hereinafter LOPD) ESENCIA DANZA ASOCIACIÓN with address at c./15 N.88, 46182 La Cañada-Paterna, Valencia, informs the interested in the existence of a processing of personal data in which their personal data is stored under the responsibility of ESENCIA DANZA in order to carry out customer management, which also includes the development, compliance and control of the legal relationship between the parties, the administrative, accounting, fiscal and billing management as well as the maintenance of a historical file of commercial relationships. Said treatment is mandatory, likewise, ESENCIA DANZA informs the interested party that, in accordance with the provisions of article 11.2 c) of the LOPD and concordant with its development regulations, their data may be transferred to the following bodies: Judges and Courts , where appropriate when legally required by them, banking entities for the payment of the contracted services; Tax Agency, for compliance with tax obligations; financial auditors, to comply with the annual audit obligations and to any other third parties to whom, by virtue of the applicable regulations, it is necessary to carry out the assignment to ensure the proper development of the entrusted professional management and, in general, of the intended purposes.
The participant must inform ESENCIA DANZA of any modification that occurs in the data about his person so that ESENCIA DANZA can keep them duly updated. In any case, the data collected and provided directly from the interested party will be considered accurate.
ESENCIA DANZA informs the interested party that at any time they can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, requesting it in writing addressed to ESENCIA DANZA at the following address c./15 N.88, 46182 La Cañada-Paterna, Valencia in the terms provided in the applicable regulations.
Eventually the organization will be able to take photos and video during the course, for advertising purposes or for its own file. The assistant or his legal representatives authorize the transfer of the participant’s image for these reasons.