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A student of Classical III will get a one-week stay in the Italian company, thanks to Valencia Endanza 2021

At Valencia Endanza we are aware of the importance of offering opportunities to our students to get to know the dance profession first hand and, who knows, if it can be their springboard to access it. For this reason, we feel immense joy for each and every one of the placements obtained for our students. In this difficult pandemic year, we are delighted to announce that Aterballetto is offering a one-week stay so that a Classical III student can take classes with the company and participate in its rehearsals.

Precisely, this year, in order to get closer to the Aterballetto universe, the choreographic workshop will be dedicated to Mauro Bigonzetti, who was the artistic director and choreographer of the company between 1997 and 2007, being its main choreographer until 2012. Mauro Bigonzetti’s creations defined the style of the Reggio Emilia-based company for more than a decade. Subsequently, his work found its way into the repertoire of different European and international companies, and some two-steps even became repertoire for galas, contributing to Bigonzetti’s international fame and increasing the prestige of Aterballetto, now under the artistic direction of Sveva Berti.

But back to the stay at Aterballetto, the granting of the stay will be subject to there being a candidate who fits the profile required by the Italian company. Moreover, at all times, the stay will be adjusted to the health situation in Italy and, logically, to the strict observance of the anti-Covid protocol. The stays will be announced at the Valencia Endanza 2021 Closing Gala, which will take place on 31 July and will be attended by the participants of the twelfth edition of our international course.

Achieving this stay in Aterballetto would not have been possible without the management of the ballet master Macha Daudel, whom we thank for her support and collaboration.

As always, we encourage you to stay tuned to our social networks to discover all the news of the 12th edition of Valencia Endanza, which will take place from 19 to 31 July, at the Mas Camarena resort (and with a rigorous anti-Covid protocol). See you in Valencia Endanza!

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A brief note about Aterballetto…

Founded in 1977 as Compagnia di Balletto dei Teatri dell’Emilia – Romagna, it was initially directed by Vittorio Biagi. Since 1979, the company has been called Aterballetto, a change that occurred under the direction of Amedeo Amodio. Composed of solo dancers capable of performing all styles of dance, Aterballetto has gained wide recognition in Italy and on the international scene, thanks to the high quality of the performers and the artistic directors: Amedeo Amodio (1979-1997), Mauro Bigonzetti (1997-2007, until 2012 principal choreographer) and Cristina Bozzolini (2008-2017).

Throughout its recent history, the company has collaborated with numerous Italian and international choreographers such as Mauro Bigonzetti, Michele Di Stefano, Andonis Foniadakis, William Forsythe, Johan Inger, Jiří Kylián, Cristiana Morganti, Jiří Pokorny, Cristina Rizzo, Hofesh Shechter and Giuseppe Spota.

Formed by the region and the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and whose name for both production and touring is Aterballetto, considered Italy’s leading company apart from the Opera Ballets, the Fondazione Nazionale della Danza achieved recognition in 2015 as a Dance Production Centre, opening up to artist residencies and performances by Italian and international companies. It offers some of the most significant dance projects both regionally and nationally, making it unique in Italy. The Fondazione organises events, dance seasons and a variety of projects that promote and educate the public’s interest and awareness of the world of dance.