My experience in Valencia Endanza by Maya Cristina Ciabota

Last edition of Valencia Endanza, Maya Cristina Ciabota was granted with a stay at The Royal Ballet School

The staff of Valencia Endanza is delighted to share good news with our people. What could be better that an amazing experience of one of our young ballerinas who was granted with a wonderful stay at The Royal Ballet School? A few months ago, in the last edition of Valencia Endanza, the Romanian young ballerina  Maya Cristina Ciabota got a stay at The Royal Ballet School, in London. Finally, she went to White Lodge, last October, and Mr. Christopher Powney, the artistic director of The Royal Ballet School, gave her a place for the final audition that will be in February 28th.

The father of Maya has been in touch with the direction of Valencia Endanza to explain us what amazing experience her daughter is living due our international ballet course. «You did create an amazing opportunity for students to learn with such amazing teachers. Please receive our gratitude. Maya can`t wait to be in Valencia Endanza again this summer and, of course, she’s counting the days till she will have the chance to learn from Mrs. Tranah again [Mrs. Tranah is a teacher of The Royal Ballet School and Maya Cristina Ciabota could became a pupil in few months]«. And he continues giving thanks to Valencia Endanza and making a joke;  «Let’s me thank you and congratulate about your results. I will do my bet sending Maya again to Valencia Endanza 2020; otherwise, I will be in a big trouble», laughs.

As Valencia Endanza’s staff, we try to do our best to get the best training with the best team of teachers working in the most prestigious ballet school in the world. It’s a pleasure to receive this kind of news from our former participants and, of course, we would like to wish to Maya the biggest luck in the audition and in her future as a ballerina. Will we see you in Valencia Endanza 2020…? 😉