Guided tour through Mas Camarena resort

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Discover the secrets of the resort where Valencia Endanza 2021 will be held, with the help of our director Pilar Martí

Following the famous phrase «an image is better than a thousand words», we invite you to discover the extraordinary place where the next edition of Valencia Endanza (July 19-31) will take place, with an special host. Our director, Pilar Martí, reveals to us in the following video the magnificent space in which Valencia Endanza 2021 will take place: the Mas Camarena resort.

The wide  facilities of the Mas Camarena resort have more than 85,000 square meters with numerous multipurpose and sports spaces, including a swimming pool, which will facilitate the development of the 12th edition bis of Valencia Endanza with the correct observance of the sanitary protocol according to the times that we live (cross ventilation, safety distance, mask …).

Your health and safety are a priority in our commitment to offer you the best possible training in Classical and Spanish dance and Methodology. This idea has led us to take the big step take of transferring Valencia Endanza to the Mas Camarena resort, where we are sure that our international course will be able to grow with you and enjoy your successes.

And with a little imagination, we invite you to travel  into Valencia Endanza 2021 with a single click.