WHEN TO ARRIVE TO THE COURSE: The course will start July 17th at 9.00h AM.

The first day at 8.15 AM will take place the registration of students, followed by a short welcome to the students and teachers to the course.

The rest of the days the center will be opened from 8.30h AM and the participants will have to be in the studios at least 5 minutes before the starting time ( specially after the lunch break).

The participants in the classical training and classical repertorire must wear leotard and tights for this classes.

HOSTING: The non resident participants have the chance to stay at RESIDENCIA LA CONCEPCIÓN, a university residence . The residence fee includes bed, breakfast and dinner, and will be paid together with the course fee. One member of the staff will stay at the residence every night during the course.

LUNCH: The organisation has made an agreement with a cafeteria for a daily menú for 95€ which includes 12 menus that will be paid together with the course fee. This menú includes a main course, dessert/fruit and beverage. In case of special needs ( allergic, vegetarians, celiacs…) please contact first the organisation.

MEDICAL INSURANCE: All participants must have a personal  medical insurance in case of any damage or injury during the course.Esencia Danza will not be held responsible for any damage or injury, however caused, to any person attending the course or third parties, nor for the loss of any property, on or off the premises of the course or the premises of the RESIDENCIA LA CONCEPCIÓN.

MINORS AUTHORISATION: In case of minor participant non resident in Valencia and traveling alone, a parental authorisation will be mandatory. This document will allow the participant to attend the course and to stay in RESIDENCIA LA CONCEPCIÓN. Attached to this authorisation will be necessary a photocopy of the ID of one of the legal tutors.

CONTACT TELEPHONE 24H: During VALENCIA ENDANZA 2017, and specially for the non resident students, the organisation will provide two contact phones 24 hours a day, in which relatives of the students can contact them in case of emergency: +34 961322867 and +34 619 632366. Nevertheless,  the organisation declines any responsability in case of not getting in contact with the students at the telephone that each of them will have to provide to the staff .